Teenager Becoming Sexually Active? Why They Need Birth Control

Watching your child grow up and blossom through the various stages of life can be a beautiful thing. You fondly remember when they were born, their first steps, sending them to school, observing the transformation into a pre-teen, and now you can see them slowly becoming an adult. Developing relationships is a normal part of the process, and if your older teenager has become sexually active, there are some important steps you need to take. Along with talking to them about the birds and the bees, you should also think about having them take birth control.

Birth Control Helps Your Teenager Become More Responsible

Routines are set in place to provide structure. Your teenager may already know how to wake up to the alarm clock each morning, get themselves dressed, and head off to school without you having to say much to them. You can reinforce the importance of routine by helping them get started with birth control.

Most forms of birth control work on a cycle. Perhaps you have to go get a birth control shot every few months, apply a patch on a regular schedule, or ingest a birth control pill on a daily basis. Taking your teenager to the doctor and letting the medical professional explain how to use birth control gives your child the opportunity to demonstrate responsibility. They will begin to see how keeping up with the birth control regimen allows them to showcase their ability to remain consistent while also helping to prevent a birth that may not be beneficial for them at this time.

Build A Closer Bond With Birth Control

Some teenagers start to grow apart from their parents as they enter their teen years. Rebellion can set in if you haven't really taken the time to recognize that your child is coming into their own and that they need freedom, but they also need to be able to see you as their safe place to fall if they happen to make a mistake.

Talking to your teen about birth control can help to deepen the bond that you share. It can be a very sensitive subject for your teenager to bring up with you, but if you take the initiative and approach the topic with understanding, you could find that your relationship can get even better.

Putting your young adult on birth control allows them to fulfill their personal goals with less fear and worry. Have a talk with your family physician and then sit down with your teenager to discuss all of their options.

For more information on birth control, contact a medical center like the Western Branch Center for Women.