Headed To Perimenopause? You May Have To Deal With Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are one of many symptoms of perimenopause. You may have severe hot flashes that wake you up at night. It can be so severe that you wake up in a pool of sweat and have to change your night clothes, as well as your sheets. You can have hot flashes during the day also. Some women have hot flashes, which is where they will feel heat come across their face, and may even sweat. Read More 

Cosmetic Surgery Versus Plastic Surgery…Did You Know They’re Not The Same?

In today's society, it's not unusual for a mom who doesn't plan to have more children to get a tummy tuck or breast augmentation and a brow lift can go a long way toward reducing the signs of aging. However, you might be surprised to learn that although many people use the descriptions of cosmetic and plastic surgery interchangeably and they are remarkably similar in many ways, they're not the same. Therefore, whether you're hoping to look younger and thinner after some quality time with your surgeon or you want surgery to improve the appearance of an old scar, it's a good idea to be aware of the following facts about both specialties: Read More 

4 Ways To Get Your Kids Healthy & Ready For School

As your kids start school this September, make sure that your kids are healthy and ready for a new school year. Here are a few ways that you can get your kids ready for school. #1 Get Your Child's Eyesight Protected First, you need to get your child's eyesight inspected. Your child's eyesight can change from year to year, so it is a good idea to have your child's eyesight inspected each year. Read More 

Three Ideas To Help Manage Your Back Pain And Avoid Opioids

Back pain from an injury, disease or a degenerative process of aging can be very painful. In the past, certain opioids have been commonly prescribed by doctors to treat this pain, but they can become addictive. It is possible that an addiction to these pain killers can become a bigger problem than your back pain. For this reason, they should be a last resort. The following are a few suggestions to help reduce your back pain. Read More 

Doctor-Patient Etiquette: What To Do When Your Doctor Passes Away

All people die. That is simply a fact of life. However, it can still be difficult when the deceased is someone you know, like your primary care physician. Your doctor has probably been seeing you through most of your illnesses and injuries for a large chunk of your life, and it can leave quite a big hole when he or she passes away. What do you do? What is appropriate for doctor-patient relationships in this situation? Read More