4 Ways Follicle Stimulating Hormone Tests Are Used

Follicle stimulating hormones are typically produced by the pituitary gland to serve reproductive functions. For women, the hormones help to regulate the menstrual cycle and production of eggs. For men, follicle stimulating hormones control sperm production at a constant rate. When a couple has problems with infertility, a specialist will want to measure the amounts of hormones each partner is producing to determine if everything is functioning properly. 1. Testing can help determine the cause of infertility. Read More 

Can Physical Therapy Help Autoimmune Disorders? Your Questions Answered

There are a lot of autoimmune and musculoskeletal disorders which make it difficult for people to move. The irony is that moving helps make these disorders less painful. So, how does one move more and hurt less? Can physical therapy help people with these disorders? These questions, and more, are answered below. Will I Not Hurt More the Next Day If I Move More? There is some concern that moving more (when you have an autoimmune or musculoskeletal disorder) may cause more pain the next day. Read More 

How To Slow The Progression Of Dry Macular Degeneration With Low Vision Rehabilitation

Humans use their sight to distinguish up to 80 percent of all impressions, but this ability is threatened when you develop a condition like dry macular degeneration (AMD). Dry AMD is an age-related condition that thins your layer of retinal pigment cells (RPE) in your macula. Your RPE cells are very important to vision because they reinforce your light sensitive photoreceptor cells. The brain is where vision happens. The photoreceptors take the things you look at and send this information to your brain. Read More 

Three Signs Of Prostate Cancer

It is estimated that one in seven men will develop prostate cancer at some point in their lifetime. And the difference between beating the cancer or succumbing to it is early detection. While many men are aware of the common symptoms of prostate cancer, such as an enlarged prostate, pain when urinating, or loss of bladder control, many men don't know some of the other symptoms associated with this type of cancer. Read More 

Get A Speech Therapy Evaluation If Your Toddler Is Not Talking Fast Enough

Each time you bring your child to the doctor for a well visit, the doctor will ask you how many words your child says. By the time your child is two years old, he or she should be saying around 50 words. If your child is only saying a couple words by this age, the doctor may recommend having the child evaluated by a speech therapist. Here is what you should expect from an initial consultation with a speech therapist. Read More