Two Important Reasons To Go Apothecary

In times past an apothecary was like a corner-shop pharmacy. Not only was it a small business, but the proprietors went out to gather their own ingredients to make remedies. There is something admirable about using natural ingredients to rebuff nature's ravages. Granted not all of these medieval brews were helpful or even healthy—some apothecaries would use mummy dust as a cure-all. That being sad, apothecaries are making a comeback. Luckily, modern apothecaries have a much better footing in solid science, so they are a good alternative to modern cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies for at least a couple of reasons. Read More 

Follow-Up Care After A Skin Cancer Surgery

If you have had a biopsy done on a skin growth on your body and the results concluded that it is cancerous, your doctor will most likely recommend you have it removed as soon as possible to avoid spreading of the disease throughout your body. After having surgery, you will need to rest and allow your skin to heal with the aid of prescription medication and proper dressing of the wounded area. Read More 

The 101 On Anencephaly: Understanding And Preventing This Serious Birth Defect

From the miracle of life to adding or starting a family, it is easy to see the excitement of pregnancy. Of course, pregnancy can also be a challenging time due to the many physical and emotional changes you may face. You and your unborn child may develop a birth defect or medical disorder, but you are most likely not familiar with your diagnosis. Considering 1 in 4859 babies in the United States are born with anencephaly, understanding this disorder is smart for early diagnosis. Read More 

Skin Dry? 4 Foods That Will Solve The Problem

Dry skin isn't just an aesthetic problem. It can be extremely itchy and even painful. Drinking water is one obvious answer, because if your body stays hydrated, chances are good that your skin is going to be able to stay hydrated as well. If you don't want to have to worry about having your dry skin flake off onto your new, black sweater or accidentally catch yourself scratching at work, consider these four foods to solve your problem. Read More 

Learn The Differences Between Gas Permeable And Soft Contact Lenses

When people get contact lenses they have two choices. Those choices are gas permeable lenses or soft lenses. Gas permeable lenses are traditionally called hard lenses. People don't often know the difference between the two kinds of lenses and why someone might choose one or the other.  Gas Permeable Lenses These lenses are called hard lenses because they are made out of a more rigid material. They are actually made out of a kind of plastic, generally with silicone added, which allows gas through the lenses to the eye. Read More