Is Your Princess Toe Making You Feel Anything But Royal?

Toes comes in a variety of sizes, and everyone's feet and toes differ. If you have a second toe that is longer than your big toe, it is most likely a hereditary trait and no cause for concern. When the second toe is longer, it is sometimes called princess toe. However, there are people who don't feel like royalty when wearing sandals or if the long toes begins to cause foot problems. If you are unhappy with a long second toe, you can have surgery to shorten it. 

Not So Pretty In Sandals

While some people my embrace the princess toe and just see it as their natural foot, others may be embarrassed to show off the long toe. If your long toe is unsightly in your eyes, you can have surgery to shorten it and make your toes look more uniform. 

Not So Comfortable In Shoes

Even if the look of your princess toe is not bothersome, it can put you at a greater risk for hammer toe or other toes problems. Toe shortening surgery can help alleviate pain and other discomforts or deformities that may arise from your long toe. 

There are many signs that signal a problem with this toe.

  • Pain at the toe's tip
  • Thick callus forms on toe
  • Difficulty finding well-fitting shoes
  • Worsening toe deformity
  • Pain the interferes with walking or running

A podiatrist, such as East Village Foot Center PC, can take a look at the offending toe and decide if shortening it can help alleviate your pain and get you back on your feet. 

Toe Shortening Surgical Options

The surgical method used to shorten a long toe depends on the severity and the toe's length. Usually, surgical options include removing a bone at a toe joint to realign the toe. The toe is then pinned with surgical wire. The two common methods include bone mending and joint resection.

Bone mending shortens your toe by removing an entire joint from the long toe, allowing bone ends to come together as a shorter position. Surgical hardware is placed in the toe to keep bone steady while it heals. The surgeon may also use a buried implant or surgical wire that is removed later for this purpose. 

Joint resection shortens a long toe by removing a small portion from two joints within the toe. 

Both surgical procedures involving only the toe joint and not the joint at the ball of the foot. 

If your long toe is really bothersome, discuss these procedures with your podiatrist to see if either one is a good option for you.