Two Important Reasons To Go Apothecary

In times past an apothecary was like a corner-shop pharmacy. Not only was it a small business, but the proprietors went out to gather their own ingredients to make remedies. There is something admirable about using natural ingredients to rebuff nature's ravages. Granted not all of these medieval brews were helpful or even healthy—some apothecaries would use mummy dust as a cure-all. That being sad, apothecaries are making a comeback. Luckily, modern apothecaries have a much better footing in solid science, so they are a good alternative to modern cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies for at least a couple of reasons. 

Animal Friendly

If you want products that will have good results, yet were not derived in a way that is harmful to animals, then you might want to consider the apothecary route. Some cosmetic aids include animal byproducts. Case in point: mink oil. As the name implies, mink oil is harvested from mink, specifically from the inner lining of fat under a mink's skin. There are two methods for harvesting mink oil: 1) Slaughter a mink, skin it, and scrape the fat away as part of the tanning process. 2) Insert a needle into a live mink's abdomen and suck some of the fat away. While the second method does not require killing the mink, it does require operating a mink farm, which mean the mink live in a confined space and there sole purpose in life is to produce stomach fat. While mink oil can be an effective moisturizer, it is far from being the only or the best one. When you choose ingredients from an apothecary, you can rest assured that your beauty or medicinal aids do not come from such inhumane practices.


Not only are many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products loaded with synthetic products with unpronounceable names, they have some plain weird ingredients. Case in point: nightingale excrement. While such treatments are purportedly effective, it's still undeniably gross. Products from an apothecary contain a simple ingredient list, so you should be able to feel much more confident about what you are getting. 

Modern cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies exist in world where the right product can garner millions of dollars for its creator. In this world, creating a new chemical compound or harvesting a little shark-liver oil makes sense. If you want to get back to basics, and tap into the marvelous ingredients that mother nature churns out naturally, take a step away from the mainstream and into an apothecary shop. 

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