4 Foods To Help Fight Cancer And Promote A Healthy Digestive System

Although some see food as an enemy, there are certain foods that are very powerful when it comes to your health. Some foods have been used for centuries in the wild to keep people from getting sick when there weren't doctors and hospitals around. These foods can still be used to your advantage to help keep your body healthy. Specifically, here are four foods that contain properties to aid in healthy digestion and stave off cancer.

1. Kale

Kale is rich in fiber, which makes it a great food if you're trying to get your digestive tract under control since it helps to promote regularity with bowel movements. Plus, it consists of a compound known as chlorophyll, which has been linked to fighting against cancer cells. It also contains other compounds that have been shown to have the ability to inhibit cancer cell growth and induce the death of cancer cells, particularly with colon cancer.

2. Avocados

While it is true that avocados are higher in calories than some other foods, the fact remains that avocados can be very beneficial to your health because they contain essential nutrients. This is particularly true for your digestive tract. Avocados are rich in fiber, vitamin C and B-complex vitamins – all of which are helpful in the promotion of healthy digestion. In fact, the vitamin C may even help reduce your risk of developing gastric cancer.

3. Cranberries

A very popular food come holiday time, especially thanksgiving and Christmas, cranberries may have the power to fight off cancer. According to Medical News Today, research suggests that cranberries have the ability to slow the progression of cancerous tumors. The most positive effects of cranberries on cancer have been shown with colon, ovarian, breast, liver and prostate cancers.

4. Ginger

According to a study mentioned by WedMD, compounds that can be found in ginger root may be effective in the prevention of colon cancer. For years, ginger has been known as a solid anti-inflammatory and has been studied in rats and mice. This study finally tested the theory that ginger can improve inflammation within the gut to reduce the development of precancerous lesions on humans, and it was found that the participants benefited from decreased inflammation. It was a preliminary study, and more research is needed, but it is a start in showing the efficacy of ginger when it comes to the colon and colon cancer.

If you're worried about your stomach, your colon or any other part of your digestive system, these foods can help keep you more regular, decrease inflammation, and encourage the fight against cancer. Speak to your physician like Northwest Gastroenterology Associates if you have any concerns, as there are ways to determine if there is a problem, such as a colonoscopy. It is better to detect the problem early on and treat it before it gets too bad than to allow it to worsen and it be too late for treatment.