4 Excellent Types Of Mobility Aids To Help You Get Around Your Home

If you need assistance getting around your home safely, there are several different tools and pieces of equipment out there that can really help you. Depending on your needs, you can find things that slightly assist your mobility, or other tools that offer almost complete support. This article will discuss 4 excellent types of mobility aids to help you get around your home. 


If one of your legs doesn't have a full range of mobility, a cane is a great option for you. You can place a great deal of your weight on the cane, allowing you to move through your home without experiencing unnecessary pain. Also, because a cane only needs to be held with one hand, you can easily use the other hand to grab items around your home that you need, clean, cook lunch, etc. 


If you can still walk, but need a great deal of support for both legs, you can instead use a walker. With the help of a walker, you can push yourself forward using both hands and move at a pace where you feel comfortable. You can also stop and take breaks while resting against the walker so you don't over exert yourself. Walkers are also great to assist you when getting in position to sit down in a chair, a bed, or a toilet seat.


If walking around your home in general is not an option for you, then you can purchase a mobility scooter. This scooter will maneuver well around your entire home, allowing you to get in and out of all of the rooms. You will also be able to reverse the scooter and turn it in a 360 degree motion, making it easier for you to backtrack or turn around in a tight area. While scooters cost a bit more than canes and walkers, the mobility that they provide you in your home, without being able to walk, is amazing. 


If you live in a home that has more than one level and have a hard time getting up the stairs, then you may want to consider a stairlift. This stairlift is mounted onto the wall of your stair case and it slowly and safely takes you up the stairs. The professionals who come into your home to install the stairlift will test to make sure that the lift passes all inspections before you ever sit down inside of it. This can make your home a much safer place because you will not have to worry about falling down the stairs while trying to climb them and it also allows you full access to your entire home.

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