3 Things You Can Do To Avoid A Bunion

A bunion can be especially unsightly. The condition is caused by the inflammation of the big toe joint. Still, not everyone develops a bunion. Here are a few things you can do to lessen your chance of developing this condition:

Choose shoes that fit.

Regardless of how stylish a shoe is, it needs to fit your foot properly. When you purchase your shoes, instead of making a selection online or shopping at a local store during the morning hours, it is best to go shoe shopping in the evening.

In the evening time, your foot has had a chance to swell and spread as it normally would during the course of a day. Thus, it is likely to be at its largest.

As you shop for shoes, look for shoes that are not only long enough but wide enough. Shoes that are too narrow place significant pressure on the big toe joint. This pressure can result in inflammation that eventually presents as a bunion.

Watch your heel height.

If the heel of your shoe is taller than a couple of inches, it is likely too high. High heels tend to thrust your body forward and place additional pressure on the front of the foot. Even if a shoe is rightly sized, pressing your body weight on to the front of your foot can cause your big toe joint to be compressed against the front sides of your shoes.

To avoid this situation, pay special attention to the amount of pressure that you feel on the front sides of your foot as you wear a shoe. Even if you do not notice large amounts of discomfort, if your foot shows the imprint of your shoes on the sides of your foot or red marks and swelling, it is best to donate that pair of shoes and move on to a new pair.

Go shoe-less at home.

To allow your feet to properly recover from wearing shoes during the day, choose to go bare feet at home. Going without shoes not only gives your feet a chance to breathe, it allows your feet to be properly positioned as you step and walk without being encumbered by shoes. This helps the tendons and muscles of your foot to remain properly strengthened and less susceptible to injury.

Many people choose to remove their shoes as soon as they walk through the door of their home for sanitary reasons. However, giving your feet a welcomed recovery period is also a great reason to adhere to this practice.

If you would like to learn more ways to avoid developing a bunion, schedule a consultation with a podiatrist like Foot & Ankle Care Center PA in your area.