Three Ideas To Help Manage Your Back Pain And Avoid Opioids

Back pain from an injury, disease or a degenerative process of aging can be very painful. In the past, certain opioids have been commonly prescribed by doctors to treat this pain, but they can become addictive. It is possible that an addiction to these pain killers can become a bigger problem than your back pain. For this reason, they should be a last resort. The following are a few suggestions to help reduce your back pain.

Try using therapeutic magnets

This does not work for everyone, but many people swear that magnets are a great source of pain relief. Basically, the magnets are placed on the area of the body that is causing you pain. There are products available that have compartments for the magnets, so it is easy to place them on your body. Keep in mind that although they don't work for everyone, there is no evidence they can harm you. So it may be worth trying them for your back pain.

Try visiting an acupuncturist

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese technique that has been used for centuries to heal a variety of ailments, but it is in the area of pain relief that many people in the West have found it to be most beneficial. Small, sterilized needles are used to penetrate the surface of the skin. These needles do not go deeply into the skin, so there is very little, if any, pain. Although there can be side effects with some patients, such as mild bruising in an isolated area, it is a safe procedure. Of course, the pain relief is not permanent, but for those who have found the technique most effective, it is an important part of pain management.

Try visiting a chiropractor

Visiting a chiropractor, like those at Pain Stop MD, is another popular way to treat back pain. Like the other two ideas above, it doesn't work for everybody, but like acupuncture, it has its greatest testimonials for pain relief in the back. A chiropractor can, through physical examination and x-rays, locate the area that is causing the pain. Often the pain will relate to a misalignment of the spine. Through a hands on technique, the spine can be moved back into its proper position. This results in a reduction of pain.

The three ideas listed above should be helpful as you explore various ways to manage your back pain. If possible, you should limit your pain medication to over-the-counter drugs and non-addictive, prescription medication. These drugs combined with alternative treatments listed above can help avoid the use of opioids.