Applying for Permanent Green Card Status? What You Need to Know About Your Immigration Medical Exam

If you're applying for permanent green card status, you'll need to submit a medical exam to immigration. This exam will help officials determine if you meet the medical requirements for receiving permanent status in the United States. While these exams are similar to other exams you might have received, there are some differences that you'll need to be aware of. Here are four tips that will help you avoid complications with your immigration medical exam.

Bring Your Documentation

When you arrive for your immigration medical exam, you'll need to have the appropriate documentation with you. Failure to bring your paperwork with you could lead to a lengthy delay, or could result in your application being denied. You'll be given a complete list of the documentation you'll need, but there are a few items that you'll need to remember, including your passport or government-issued photo identification, current vaccination records, documentation of any past or current medical or mental conditions, and a a list of the medications you're currently taking.

Be Prepared for a Day of Testing

If you're going in for your immigration medical exam, be prepared for a day of testing. The process could take more than several hours, especially with the testing that will be performed. Below is an overview of what to expect. 


During your exam, you'll be given a thorough physical. This physical will include vision and hearing tests, as well as an examination of your abdomen, genitals, skin, and lymph nodes. Your heart rate, blood pressure and pulse will also be tested.


During your exam, the doctor will go over your vaccination records. If you're missing any, you'll have those administered while you're there.

STD Testing 

You'll also be tested for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as gonorrhea and syphilis, during the exam. If you've ever been diagnosed with an STD, you'll need to provide documentation that the disease was treated correctly and that you're free of the disease.

Don't Tamper with the Results

Once you've had your exam, the medical staff will provide you with the results, which will be placed inside a sealed envelope. You'll need to submit the results to the appropriate immigration department, so it's important that you not tamper with the results. This includes attempting to open the envelope. If the envelope appears to have been tampered with, your application may be denied.

Know What Might Stop Your Application

If you're applying for permanent immigration status, there are some conditions that could stop your application from proceeding. Those include being diagnosed with active tuberculosis or STDs and having a mental disorder that makes you a danger to yourself or others. If these issues affect you, be sure to talk to the doctor performing the exam.