3 Things You Can Do For Long-Term Recovery After Vascular Surgery

After you have a vascular surgery, it is important to take it easy right after the surgery and give your body time to heal. For the long-term though, you are going to make some changes to your life if you want to stay healthy over the long-term.

#1 Cut the Smoking

If you were smoking, you need to stop. This can be hard to do cold turkey for most people, so work with your doctor on a plan for you to stop. Get a recommendation for a smoking cessation clinic who can help you wean yourself off the nicotine addiction that you have, and can help you find other things to do instead of picking up a cigarette. For many people, it is just as much about the nicotine as it is about having something in your hands and something to do. A smoking cessation clinic can help you learn new habits.

#2 Change Your Diet

If you don't want to continue to suffer from vascular issues, you are going to need to make some changes to your diet as well. You are going to want to limit the salty and fatty foods that you eat, and increase the produce and all-natural foods that you eat. That doesn't mean giving up everything that you love, its all about making healthier choices that become a part of your lifestyle.

It can be hard to make food changes, though, which is why working with a nutritionist can be helpful. You don't want to go on a diet, you want to change your lifestyle and the way that you interact with food so healthy food options become your first choice.

#3 Get Active

Improving your vascular health is about being active. That doesn't mean you need to start participating in marathons, but you need to find ways to incorporate physical activity into your daily life.

That can be as simple as taking a walk every evening as a family together after dinner, or taking your dog for a walk in the morning before you go to work. It can also be about choosing more active activities to do with your family, such as choosing to go bike riding instead of going to the arcade, or going bowling instead of going to the movies.

Work to add more activity and movement into your day. You don't have to get a gym membership or become a marathon runner, you just need to find ways to incorporate activity into your daily life.

After vascular surgery, it is important to look at your entire lifestyle. You need to make changes that will impact your long-term health and well-being after the initial recovery period following your surgery. You need to stop smoking, make a lifestyle adjustment in regards to food, and get active.

For additional information, reach out to vascular surgery clinics like The Surgical Clinic.