Should Your Child See A Pediatrician For Vomiting?

If you have a child, then you are well aware that illnesses are quite common in young people. And many diseases will come with an array of symptoms that include certain gastrointestinal issues. Vomiting is a common complaint, and it may sometimes require evaluation by a doctor. So, learn about when you should take your son or daughter to a pediatrician clinic for vomiting.

You Think That Your Child Is Dehydrated

Certain gastrointestinal illnesses are especially horrible, and your child may be unable to keep down any water. In this case, your child can become extremely dehydrated in a short period of time. This is especially true if diarrhea is noted in addition to the vomiting. If you think that dehydration is a concern, then you should look for some telltale signs and then contact your pediatrician right away. 

If you have an infant, you may notice that there are no tears when your baby cries. Also, you may see only a few wet diapers during the day. Under normal circumstances, you should be changing the diaper four to six times a day, depending on the age of the child. Less than that can indicate dehydration. Your infant may also be seen sleeping more than usual.

For older children, you may notice that they are continually complaining of thirst. You may not see them urinating at all within an eight-hour period. Confusion might also be something that you see, and your child may be difficult to arouse from sleep. Your child's pulse might be quicker than usual, and their breathing might also seem more rapid.

You Notice Projectile Vomiting

Some younger infants and children will experience harmless bouts of projectile vomiting. However, if you see this and notice that it happens more than once, then this is a sign that your child has experienced a head injury. This is also an issue if pressure has increased around the brain, which happens when a child develops meningitis. 

Since the projectile vomiting may indicate a very serious illness, you want to call your pediatrician as soon as possible. The doctor will inform you if you should go to the ER right away or if you should go into the clinic first. 

When calling the doctor, try to think about a recent incident where your child fell and possibly hit their head. Also, consider if someone other than yourself was recently watching your child because infants and small children will often projectile vomit after being shaken.