The Benefits Of Having A Doula Help You Through Pregnancy And Birth

Doulas are like birth coaches. While most work with a woman throughout her pregnancy, the primary role of a doula is to coach the mom-to-be during the actual labor and delivery. You can have the doula come with you to the hospital, or you may desire to give birth in a birthing center where the doula serves a more active role. In either case, here are the key benefits of working with a birth doula throughout your pregnancy.

Someone who understands will be cheering you on

Hopefully, you have a supportive partner to cheer you on — but if they are male, they can't quite understand what you're going through. Then you have your doctors, but their role is to be honest with you and speak about medical concerns, not necessarily to act as a cheerleader. A doula is someone whose key role in the birth is to encourage you and coach you. Most doulas have given birth before themselves, and they know what it's like, which enables them to give realistic coaching and advice that your partner may not be capable of giving.

A doula can help support your partner, too

Sometimes your partner may need a little help understanding what's involved with birth and how to best support you. Doulas often talk to and coach partners, too. They can help your partner find better ways to talk to you and support you as you labor. This will help the two of you feel closer during the birthing process.

You'll have an advocate

Sadly, women often have to advocate for themselves during the birthing process. They have to stick up for themselves in terms of what medications and treatments they want during and after labor. It can be tough to advocate for yourself when you're in pain and exhausted from labor. Thankfully, this is part of a doula's job. They'll talk to you throughout your pregnancy to understand your needs and desires. They'll work with you to formulate a birth plan, and then when you do go into labor, they'll make sure that the birth plan is carried out. Your doula can stick up for you if doctors and nurses want to deviate from your plan.

There are a lot of benefits to hiring a doula while you're pregnant. Most women enjoy having another female there to coach, advocate for, and support them. Your partner can also benefit from their support.

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