Medical Spa Treatments That Sculpt Your Body And Get You Ready For Vacation Or Bikini Season

If you want to look your best for bikini season or for your trip to an exotic beach where you'll wear clothing that shows off your body, you might want a medical spa treatment that sculpts the shape of your body so you feel more comfortable in summer clothing.

Body sculpting treatments can take weeks or months to provide their full effects, so you want to start planning your medical spa treatments well in advance. Here are some treatments you might want to think about having done when you're near your desirable weight but you want to improve your body shape.

Cold Therapy For Fat Removal 

If you want to avoid liposuction, then consider removing your fat by freezing it. This is done with a machine that cools down your body fat in specific locations, such as your abdomen, love handle area, or underarms. The temperature delivered through your skin kills fat cells but it isn't cold enough to freeze muscle, skin, or nerve cells.

Fat cells are killed right away, but then your body has to remove them. Removing the cells takes time, so you won't see the end results right away. However, once the cells are gone, they won't come back. This type of medical spa treatment gives your figure a sculpted look that can make your abdomen flatter, show off six-pack abs, or accentuate your curves.

Liposuction With Fat Transfer

If you have time to recover from liposuction, you may want this treatment to remove fat in the more traditional way. Fat loss is immediate with liposuction, although you'll have swelling that keeps you from seeing the complete results until the swelling has all gone down.

You may want the medical spa doctor to use the fat that's removed to shape other parts of your body. Fat can be transferred to your breasts to help with breast enlargement, or fat can be used as a dermal filler to add volume to your cheeks and fill in deep wrinkles.

Heat Treatments For Skin Tightening

If you've recently lost weight to get your body ready for a bikini, you could have some loose skin on your body. Loose skin can give you an unattractive shape and cause you to have wrinkles. Skin can be tightened on your face, neck, arms, abdomen, thighs, knees, and any place you notice sagging.

Skin tightening is often done with heat. Heat may be applied with a laser, ultrasound machine, or radiofrequency device. These machines send heat deep in your tissues to trigger collagen growth and to tighten tissues. Heat treatments work gradually since they build collagen, so you'll need plenty of lead time for this type of medical spa treatment to be ready for a vacation or summer bikini season.