What Are The Least Invasive Ways To Treat Your Child’s Chronic Ear Infections?

If you feel as though your child has no sooner gotten rid of one ear infection before another develops, you're not alone -- due to a child's smaller ear structure and developing immune system, children are much more likely than adults to develop chronic or frequent ear infections. However, these repetitive ear infections could cause missed school (and missed work for you), as well as compromise your child's language skills if hearing is affected. Read More 

Why You May Need Physical Therapy After Brain Surgery

If you or a loved one are going to be having a brain tumor removed, one of the last things you may be thinking about is physical therapy. The concept of brain surgery can be very scary, but once the patient has successfully pulled through it, there's still work to be done. Patients who have undergone brain surgery may experience physical problems that physical therapy can help with. Physical Symptoms Read More 

4 Foods To Help Fight Cancer And Promote A Healthy Digestive System

Although some see food as an enemy, there are certain foods that are very powerful when it comes to your health. Some foods have been used for centuries in the wild to keep people from getting sick when there weren't doctors and hospitals around. These foods can still be used to your advantage to help keep your body healthy. Specifically, here are four foods that contain properties to aid in healthy digestion and stave off cancer. Read More 

5 Tips For Preventing Varicose Veins

Whether they are caused by genetics or obesity, varicose veins are not pleasant. They don't just make your skin look unattractive, they can also be quite painful. The good news is that it's possible to avoid these veins with some lifestyle changes. Here are five tips for preventing varicose veins: Exercise Regularly One of the best ways to prevent varicose veins is to work out on a regular basis. Exercise strengthens the muscles in your legs and encourages adequate blood flow. Read More 

Iliotibial Band Syndrome: Everything You Need To Know

Iliotibial Band Syndrome, sometimes referred to as IT band or ITBS is an injury common among runners that affects the tendon by the knee. If you think you are suffering from iliotibial band syndrome, this article can help you form a plan of action to combat the pain and restriction that this syndrome can bring to your life. What is ITBS? The IT band runs from your hip, across your thigh, to the outside of your knee and connects to the top of your tibia. Read More