Iliotibial Band Syndrome: Everything You Need To Know

Iliotibial Band Syndrome, sometimes referred to as IT band or ITBS is an injury common among runners that affects the tendon by the knee. If you think you are suffering from iliotibial band syndrome, this article can help you form a plan of action to combat the pain and restriction that this syndrome can bring to your life. What is ITBS? The IT band runs from your hip, across your thigh, to the outside of your knee and connects to the top of your tibia. Read More 

3 Pilates Moves You Can Do At Home To Work Your Abs

Pilates is a series of low-impact stretches and movements to help strengthen your muscles. These movements may seem difficult at first, but after doing them for awhile, you will not only notice your muscles becoming stronger and longer, you will also have a leaner body. If you don't have access to a pilates studio, pilates can be done at home using your body's own resistance. See below for some beginner movements to work your abs. Read More 

Don’t Dread The Prep: Tips For Easier Colonoscopy Preparation

For most people the idea of getting a colonoscopy is not particularly appealing. And while the procedure itself is performed with sedation and is relatively painless, the preparation still puts many people off. Drinking massive amounts of purgative medicine and then spending hours in the bathroom as the body completely cleans itself out is not most people's idea of a good time. But you shouldn't let unpleasant prep prevent you from getting a colonoscopy. Read More 

Two Important Reasons To Go Apothecary

In times past an apothecary was like a corner-shop pharmacy. Not only was it a small business, but the proprietors went out to gather their own ingredients to make remedies. There is something admirable about using natural ingredients to rebuff nature's ravages. Granted not all of these medieval brews were helpful or even healthy—some apothecaries would use mummy dust as a cure-all. That being sad, apothecaries are making a comeback. Luckily, modern apothecaries have a much better footing in solid science, so they are a good alternative to modern cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies for at least a couple of reasons. Read More 

Follow-Up Care After A Skin Cancer Surgery

If you have had a biopsy done on a skin growth on your body and the results concluded that it is cancerous, your doctor will most likely recommend you have it removed as soon as possible to avoid spreading of the disease throughout your body. After having surgery, you will need to rest and allow your skin to heal with the aid of prescription medication and proper dressing of the wounded area. Read More